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What is a reformer?

A reformer is a professional piece of pilates equipment which is a raised platform with a moving carriage. Through the use of the attached pulleys and springs resistance can be added to the exercises to aid in the connection of the targeted muscles, aswell as increasing the intensity of certain movements if required.

What can a reformer do for me?

A reformer workout will ensure your core muscles (abdominals, lower back and gluteals) are fully engaged and working efficiently. It will add greater work to the entire leg ensuring correct tracking of the hip, knee and ankle. This is not only important for efficient tension free walking but essential to aviod injury whilst running or playing sports where quick changes of direction are required.

The stability of the shoulder girdle and the tone and strength of the arm muscles can be more efficiently targeted with a reformer, due to the instability of a moving carriage and the use of weighted pulleys.

Who is the reformer suited to?

Anyone can benefit from using a reformer.

With the ability to change the load of the springs, it is possible for anyone to get benefit from using a reformer. It helps build strength in a gradual way and aids in the achievement of greater flexibility.

Who will benefit?

  • People recovering from injury
  • People who are looking to improve strength for their jobs
  • Anyone wishing to go about their daily business with ease of movement and comfort
  • Amateur sports enthusiasts who want to get more enjoyment and performance from their sport
  • Top athletes in search of greater conditioning

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