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PILATES CLASSES IN LINCOLNSHIRE - Matwork, Standing pilates always incorporated, Spine safe trained. Qualified Hypopressives teacher. Face to face classes supported by online classes

Welcome to my website. I hope you will find all the information you are looking for here.
If you want specific advice Click here to email me

You have clicked through to my website for a reason - How can I help you?

  • Are you suffering with back problems?

  • Has it been recommended that you strengthen your core?

  • Do you suffer with weak bladder control or stress incontinence, perhaps you have been diagnosed with a prolapse?

  • Are you feeling stiff and lacking energy?

  • Have you noticed everyday tasks are more difficult? Getting out of a chair, getting up off the floor, rotating around to reverse the car, balancing, putting your shoes on without sitting down, putting your trousers on without sitting down ..... things we take for granted which gradually creep up on us as we find ways to adapt.

  • Do you want to increase strength and co-ordination so you can improve your favourite sport?

  • Perhaps you experience pain in the hips after sitting for a while either at a desk or driving?

  • Do you want to reduce pain in your shoulders or improve your posture?

    Pilates and Hypopressive training can help with ALL of the above and so much more. See what others think about my classes or Click here to email me if you want specific advice. Carry on reading down this page to find out what I offer or go to Bodies in Balance with Rebecca to find out a bit more about me and where you can send me a message. All booking information can be found here

    Face to face classes have resumed. The numbers are strictly controlled as they always have been and all government requirements and cleaning protocols are being followed.

    Many positives have been taken from the pandemic and now, not only are we back to face to face classes, but we also have the added benefit of online classes for anyone who wishes to utilise them. This means you also have access to over 150 pre recorded classes, with added classes every week. (YouTube links are sent to those not on Facebook). I also do a zoom class for anyone who struggles to get to group classes. Private lessons can be arranged and are currently done in person,via Zoom or FaceTime. More details are provided in the website but please contact me if you are interested in what I can offer you.

    Video testimonial from Ruth

    Please always give an alternative contact if you email. Sometimes email responses bounce back and there may be no other means of contacting you. If you don't hear back within 24 hours, something has gone wrong!

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I teach:

* Group mat work classes supported by online classes
* Private coaching either live, via zoom or FaceTime.

I have specialist training to teach pilates to:

*People with compromised spinal health.Rebecca has advanced training in teaching for spinal care.

*Poor pelvic floor function. Hypopressive techniques are taught in every class to help you understand how to regain pelvic floor health.

* Children, This is currently only available for children of 14 years and above. Pilates can be important for rehabilitation or for talented young sport and dance students who have been advised to increase their core strength.

* Pre and post natal women recognised by the guild of pregnancy and post natal exercise instruction. Rebecca only teaches pregnant ladies who have been or currently are members of her mat classes.

To contact Rebecca call on 07710493646, or Click here to email me.

Pilates classes in lincolnshire are recommended to ward against back pain by increasing core strength, by physiotherapists, GP's, nurses, surgeons, medical consultants, osteopaths and chiropractors. Due to the nature of the exercises these classes are also a great way to help relieve stress.

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Professional training

My name is Rebecca Downes and I run Bodies in Balance where I specialise in teaching pilates in the Lincoln area. I am a highly experienced practitioner and teacher - my introduction to this wonderful exercise system began over 30 years ago when training as a professional ballet dancer in London. My training involved regular mat and reformer coaching and I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to these strengthening exercises all those years ago by Alan Herdmam, one of the original teachers to introduce this fantastic system to England from America.

I moved to Lincolnshire a number of years ago and started my classes in villages around the north of Lincoln, making top quality coaching accessible to all without the need to drive long distances to a studio. If you wish to know more please Click here to email me. Text or ring 07710493646.

My teacher training was undertaken with STOTT PILATES, co-founded by Lindsay and Moira Merrithew in Canada. There are now training centres all over the world and this style of pilates is internationally renowned and respected click here to read more. I am a full member of FitPro

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