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  • Do you struggle with increasingly painful joints. Sore back. Stiff hips . Aching shoulders ?

  • Has your mobility reduced and you just thought it was an inevitable part of ageing?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with too much information and don’t know where to start?

  • If you struggle to get up from the floor, get out of a chair or go up and down stairs with ease, you need to take action. These things will not improve on their own.

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  • My unique immersion program has been designed to help people feel better in their bodies as quickly as possible. It is a step by step program and tailored to an individuals needs.

  • This is not a quick fix - such things don't exist. But you will start to feel better in just a few short weeks. It is giving you the tools to understand how to move with greater ease, to build strength and not injure yourself.

  • There are tools in place to help keep you motivated and on track.

  • This is all possible without even leaving your house!

  • You will notice your energy improves and your sense of wellbeing increases as you take positive steps to improve how your body feels.

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    "The remote sessions have been fantastic: tailored to my specific needs and ability. Having private sessions has been a game changer as I feel very self conscious in a group setting and it allows me time for guidance regarding the proper techniques (which I have struggled with when trying group sessions in the past. I have been able to fit in sessions around a busy working week. [The app] sessions are excellent, so it is really easy to follow. Bit by bit I am gaining a better understanding of my body and learning I can push myself more than I thought". Claire

    Claire is in her 3rd month of classes with me and she has seen huge improvements in strength and ability. I asked her what would be her advice to anyone hesitating about joining these sessions. This was her response:

    "Just give it a go for a few weeks and you will see that 1) with available technology it works incredibly well 2) It makes fitting in sessions into your busy life more achievable"


    I have been a pilates practitioner for over 30 years and an instructor for about 15 years. I absolutely love what I do because I am in the business of helping people feel better in their bodies and therefore in their minds too. What could be better than that?! I am very fortunate to have been fit and healthy my whole life but realised as I hit midlife that I was struggling a bit more with a few aches and pains which were starting to get me down.

    On a training course I attended, the instructor said to me "you would benefit from doing more pilates". How ironic is that? But she was absolutely right! I then asked myself "how am I going to fit in more exercise for myself?" I was teaching about 16 hours a week, had an active teenager to take to all his extra curricular activities and had many other family commitments. Unfortunately my father had died only a few years ago and I was very aware my mum needed more of my time and support.

    While I was contemplating these things we were plunged into a worldwide pandemic!

    I took all my clients on an online journey with me so we could all keep our pilates practice up. What I wasn't prepared for was the amazing response I got from my clients. Someone asked me to breakdown some exercises for them and someone else asked me to do a focussed session on separate areas of the body. What quickly became apparent was everyone's bodies were feeling better. My body was feeling better, with the aches and pains completely gone. We had targeted stretching, challenges, bitsize sessions.......the list goes on.

    My program has been formalised and crafted to get results.

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